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Golden Gate Dolls | Sonoma by Abbie Leigh

The Golden Gate Dolls as always, put on a stunning,  slightly naughty, and thrilling show. I've been following these girls ( sometimes guys too! ) for a few years as they escapade their way through Northern California's hottest events. I'm happy to call most of them true friends and its never a dull moment being able to capture their eclectic lifestyle on camera. 

Mallory + Scott | Marin Headlands by Abbie Leigh

How to start? I've always been a bit of skeptic when it comes to love and marriage. I know, I know, I shoot over 30 weddings per year not to mention engagement sessions. I love the work and I love the energy but most often I am just looking for the next perfect frame to capture what compliments both people. I don't normally focus on the love part. What are emotions?? (laugh) I'd say maybe 4 times in my 300+ weddings that I've shot, that I've witnessed something completely different between the two people in front of my lens. Mallory and Scott were one of them. Their dynamic and they way they looked at each other literally made me for once, stop shooting. I have very seldom met a moment where my camera falls from my face and I am sidetracked by what's unfolding in front of my lens. Honestly, I have never seen a love between two people as I did while shooting this session. Afterwards, I found myself just wanting to hangout with them and they so graciously allowed me to rain on their parade as they showed me the history behind the Marin Headlands. I honestly can't wait to see how their wedding unfolds. I've been told it will be one for the books! Stay tuned....